From VISIO to VISIO(n): Hussein Alwieh’s Ambitions for the Future

Hussein Alwieh’s journey with INJAZ began when he was still a high school student at Beirut Baptist School. He participated in the Company Program (2012) along with 30 other students, who together came up with Visio, a company that produced recycled trash bags in two colours in order to facilitate sorting waste. The environmentally conscious initiative not only won the “Best Company” award at the national Young Entrepreneurs Competition, but also won the “Best Social Impact” award at the regional competition in Qatar that same year and is now a registered trademark.

For Hussein, participating in the INJAZ Company Program had a lasting affect, influencing his career choice and future initiatives. Currently a student of Graphic Design at the Lebanese American University in Beirut, Hussein is also a young entrepreneur. The business savvy he developed through the INJAZ tutoring programs gave him the skills and confidence to work towards opening up his very own Visual Effects and Motion Graphic start-up firm upon graduation.

“I acquired and discovered many skills through the INJAZ Company Program, the most prominent being work, time management, and good leadership skills. The program made me truly believe that everyone can be a successful entrepreneur, and provided me with the opportunity to profitably combine my self-taught skills as a designer with the business skills I learned. In a world running out of jobs, what should stop me from creating opportunities of my own?”

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