A Peak of Power and Hope

Nov 3, 2017


After losing a beloved family member many of us feel scattered and fail to see anything but an end to their aspirations. While others, after losing a beloved family member feel stronger and extract from the end a beginning. Upon the sad incident of losing his dear brother due to a work accident, our Generation of Innovation Leaders - GIL - hero Al Hassan Mahfouz, decided to ride on the second wave. 

Recently, Al Hassan took from weakness a peak of power and hope. Firmly rejecting losing more construction workers due to work accidents, Al Hassan applied to one of INJAZ Lebanon's Generation of Innovation Leaders cycles and succeeded in getting his project, called Asas, incubated.

Taking the lead of his father, Al Hassan through Asas will fully handle your construction requests and deliver you a great end product without any hassle. For tomorrow, Al Hassan is looking forward to grow greater and bigger with his project; to become the go-to construction contractor in the Akkar region.

While visiting his site, Al Hassan did not seize to thank INJAZ Lebanon, UNICEF Lebanon, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Lebanon, and all supporters of the GIL initiative who believed in him and in his project.

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