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Nov 13, 2017

In the Arab world, we are currently facing a massive problem that is disproportionately affecting our youth; the unemployment problem. Unfortunately, the MENA region currently has the highest youth unemployment rate in the world at over 26%, compared to a world average of 12.6% [1]. In Lebanon specifically, youth unemployment has reached over 35% in the last year, and the influx of Syrian refugees has kept unemployment rates higher [2].

Thriving to fight and narrow the damaging effects of unemployability in Lebanon, funded by the United States Government and with the support of MEPI, INJAZ Lebanon is implementing the Steps to Success Project. Through this project, INJAZ Lebanon intends to touch and enhance the lives and living conditions of Lebanese University students. Within two years 400 students will benefit from trainings on workforce readiness and financial literacy with a competitive internship and job placement program. As per the objectives of this project, the targeted population is to have access to new or improved employment, through demand-driven job training and targeted, localized internships and job placement.

In order to better prepare the students for successful entry into the job market, INJAZ Lebanon programs will be advised as follows.

In year one of the Steps to Success Project, students will receive a work-readiness program; Head Start, and a financial literacy program; the Personal Finance. Through the work-readiness program, students will learn how to prepare a cover letter and a resume, and how to master the skills and behaviors they need to secure successful interviews. Through the financial literacy program, students are to touch upon topics relating to the importance of budgeting and to the mechanisms of making smart financial decisions, earning money,  planning their careers, spending, saving, and using credit. At this stage, and at the end of year one trainings, a minimum of 120 students will be selected to do their internships at one of INJAZ Lebanon's partnered host companies for this project.

In year two of the Steps to Success Project, the same students will take two more INJAZ Lebanon work-readiness programs. The programs are Steer Your Career and Business Ethics. In Steer Your Career, the program will cover and address the employability skills job applicants need; such as leadership, team work, time management, written and verbal communication, and job search. In the Business Ethics, the program will cover personal values and goals, personal ethics and work ethics, ethical decision-making process, and potential ethical conflicts that happen across organizational departments. At the end of this cycle, a minimum of 80 students will be selected for job placement in INJAZ Lebanon's partnered companies and local businesses.

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For long, INJAZ Lebanon thrived to invest in tomorrow's business leaders and to connect students with the workplace. Today, with the support of the United States Government and MEPI, INJAZ Lebanon reaffirms its commitment towards its goals.


[1] Global Employment Trends for Youth 2012. May, 2012. Geneva: International Labour Organization.
[2] MENA Quarterly Economic Brief. The World Bank: January 2014.

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