Encouraging Women in Tech with Mastercard!

Apr 20, 2018

With the objective of encouraging more women to step into the technology world, INJAZ is pleased to partner with Mastercard for the launch of this year's Company Program- Women in Tech edition.

This is a great opportunity for female university students to benefit from their passion and knowledge in technology while experiencing entrepreneurship at its depth.

During the program that spans a period of 4-5 months, each team will simulate a real company, as members organize themselves into different departments, select/develop their tech-related business idea, raise capital, prepare a business plan, market and sell their tech-related product or service. Teams will work closely with an experienced mentor, turning their abstract idea into reality and will occasionally be supported by professionals from MasterCard with the relevant expertise to their needs.

Participating teams have already started to launch their projects, we wish them all the best of luck! Stay tuned to learn more about their updates.


The company program is a great chance for students to get introduced to the business market. Graduates usually face many obstacles while searching for the desired job, however, the CP offers them the leadership, entrepreneurship and business skills required tp succeed whether they want to work in companies with groups or build their own enterprise. As for me, I would definitely like to reach the competition phase and be the winners with my team, but I also appreciate more the experience, exposure and skills that will definetly have a great impact on my future career as a computer scientist."

Loreen Obeid, Lebanese International University in Halba, INJAZ Student.


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