Solar Heating System with soda cans? Watch the #GIL story of Badr and Ehab

May 15, 2019

Did you ever know that you can use soda cans to create heat?
Meet Badr and Ehab, two young and ambitious youths living in Bekaa and who participated in the #GIL programme.

After seeing the hard living conditions in the refugee camps around them especially that of cold and lack of heating, they both decided "to create a heating system, which will not need electricity" - all by using thrown soda cans and solar power. Wondering how? Watch this video to learn more about them and about their idea.

Badr and Ehab are now seeking more support to fund their project and to be able to produce in big quantities.

The #GenerationOfInnovationLeaders is powered by UNICEF Lebanon and funded by thr Netherlands Embassy Beirut and the German Embassy Beirut#GILofINJAZ



- Watch the full #GIL documentary:
Produced by Shoot Now Films, Pierre Aboujaoude -

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