Adolescents, middle & high school students in Lebanon, especially those with fewer resources, face challenges in accessing quality education. This leads many of them to become uncertain about their futures... While science can address these issues, not everyone has equal opportunities to learn it. Even basic education lacks enough resources, and science isn't given much importance.

INJAZ Lebanon is running the Company Program (CP) under the theme of INNOVATE FOR SCIENCE EDUCATION #CPInnovate, which aims to find innovative solutions for all high-school students, particularly those with fewer opportunities, to have equal chances to learn science. Your team's project idea will contribute to building a generation that understands and utilizes science to address Lebanon's challenges, making a significant difference for your peers and the future of our society.

Company Program is a 6-month entrepreneurship program starting from June to September 2024, open to high school teams of 3+ members each. Throughout the program, you will participate in online training sessions, come up with innovative ideas for science education, develop products or services, gain experience in various departments, and submit a business report to participate in the national Young Entrepreneurs Competition (YEC 2024)!


The Company Program culminates with the Young Entrepreneurs Competition during which the final teams will get to pitch in front of a panel of judges who will select the winners of the BEST COMPANY award, among others!

Winners of BEST COMPANY award might have a chance to compete against winners from other INJAZ MENA countries at the regional YEC organized in Dubai in November 2024 by INJAZ Al-Arab - if all requirements are met.*

*Please note that winning the national YEC does not guarantee the team’s participation and travelling to the regional one in Dubai. There are specific conditions that should be met at the time of the competition, including a minimum score and a commitment throughout the program (among others), that will be make you eligible to participate.



  • Applicants can be current high-school students
  • Applications should be submitted by team with a minimum of 3 members.
  • Applicants should be able to commit to the program's workshops and sessions.