Young Entrepreneurs Competition (YEC)

Company Program (CP), in both its High-School and University tracks, is INJAZ/JA’s flagship entrepreneurship program across the globe for young people interested in developing their entrepreneurial skills and starting their own student company.

By applying the design thinking process and a human-centred design approach, your team will identify a problem, come up with a business solution, organize yourselves into management teams, and operate your company. Community volunteers and mentors will provide you with real-world guidance and experience to the student-led startup!

The program runs over six months and culminates in a national Young Entrepreneurs Competition (YEC). Winners of the ‘Best Company’ awards from both tracks will represent Lebanon and compete against winners from 13 Arab countries at the annual MENA Regional Young Entrepreneurs Competition organized by INJAZ Al-Arab.

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In 2022, INJAZ Lebanon is running the Company Program (CP) under the theme of INNOVATION FOR INCLUSION through TECHNOLOGY (CP Innovate), more specifically ‘Disability Inclusion in the Workplace’, in partnership with Citi Foundation and INJAZ Al-Arab.

People with disabilities often lack access to employment. The current global employment rate for disabled people is just half that of non-disabled people. People with disabilities who are employed often experience unequal hiring and promotion standards, unequal pay for equal work and occupational segregation (source: WeForum –Valuable 500).

Digital transformation linked with EdTech, remote working, FinTech, and networking can drive people with disabilities towards greater success and help to tap into their potential and unique skill set (source-WEF).

As the business leaders of the future, we count on YOU, as the youth of today, to be working on solutions that will make the future of work a more inclusive, accessible, and diverse one.


Focusing on the use of technology for good, you will be matched as a team with Lebanese companies, NGOs or academic institutions which you will visit and observe in order to run a research, brainstorm, and come up with a tech-based product or service idea that will make your assigned company more inclusive for persons with disabilities.

Your idea, which you will later develop into your own company throughout the program, doesn’t have to be exclusive to your hosting company. On the contrary, it should be a model that can be replicated at any other workplace or sector.

Matching you with the hosting company will also benefit you as a team to learn about the structure of companies and the different departments’ roles and functions. Here’s the list of the outstanding companies and organizations that are giving it all to support by hosting your team or providing you with training learning content!

Hosting Companies



  • Applicants can be current high-school or university students
  • Applications should be submitted by team with a minimum of 3 members.
  • Teams shouldn’t have a business idea, they should come up with it throughout the program.
  • Applicants should be able to commit to the program's workshops and sessions.