The Generation of Innovation Leaders (GIL – جيل) is a program powered by UNICEF Lebanon and designed to address the high unemployment rates among youth all over Lebanon & their lack of access to the knowledge economy.

This program aims to provide increased income generation opportunities for youth through the development of Entrepreneurship and digital skills. It also focuses on providing opportunities and support for youth looking to start, manage, and grow a small business.

GIL innovation labs are created in partnership with local stakeholders and operate nationwide. The GIL labs serve as co-working spaces and hubs for youth from different backgrounds to network with like-minded people, to connect with experienced mentors, and to participate in trainings and workshops that will develop their entrepreneurial and digital skills. GIL is powered by UNICEF Lebanon and funded thanks to the Kingdom of Netherlands and the Andan Foundation.

INJAZ Lebanon is delivering the GIL Entrepreneurship track in the Bekaa and North of Lebanon.

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Participating with GIL will open new learning doors for you and offer you different opportunities! You will get the chance to learn about different topics and skills such as:

  • Creative Thinking

    Solve the challenges you will face in your personal or professional life in an innovative way.

  • Communication

    Express and communicate your ideas in a way that's accurate, clear, and attractive.

  • Business & Finance

    Learn how to turn any idea into a reality by planning and calculating correctly.

  • Entrepreneurship

    If your idea gets selected to the final stage, you will benefit from the proper incubation and support to help you launch your project.

  • Networking

    Meet new friends and other youth who have the same mindset as yours and benefit from our pool of trainers and mentors who can be your ultimate support.

  • Career Success

    Acquire an entrepreneurial mindset and learn the skills that will also help you to succeed in your job.


  • Total Youths: 1638
    Female: 66%, Male: 34%
  • Areas: North Lebanon + Bekaa
  • Youths incubated: 117

GIL Entrepreneurship Stages

It’s GIL All the Way! Do you dream about launching your own micro-enterprise? Do you want to learn how to create a business & financial plan? Then this track is for you - whether you already have a business idea or not! Check out below the three stages available within this track:

Creative thinking

Duration: 10 days

  • Acquire skills in innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Develop project ideas as solutions to problems around you.
  • Practice pitching and public presentation.
  • Learn marketing and communications skills.
  • Obtain an opportunity to participate in several local, regional and international competitions.

Financial Bootcamp

Duration: 7 days

  • Get trained on business planning & development.
  • Develop your business plan and financial forecasts.
  • Expand your network of coaches and specialists who will provide you with technical support.

Incubation & Seed Funding

Duration: 60 to 90 days

  • The most viable project ideas will be selected to advance to the incubation phase.
  • Benefit from weekly sessions of coaching and mentorship support.
  • Receive a possible seed funding to start your project.

* Moving from a phase to another will depend on the jury’s scoring upon pitching your project idea.


This year we’ve added a new track for you! If you are looking for a shorter experience that will introduce you to the world of entrepreneurship over the span of 5 days, then you can participate in the GIL Camp track:

  • Online interactive workshop

  • You can register individually but you will later be assigned to a team to work together

  • 4 days bootcamp of 4 hours each

  • It ends with a one-day public presentation on the 5th day during which each team will work together to find a solution to a specific challenge

GIL Stories

  • CINNAROLLS... The rolls that defied the rules.

    Apr 5, 2023

    Alia Mikati is a twenty-one years old Lebanese from Tripoli Al-Kobbeh studying Graphic Design. She lives with her family and has five sisters with whom she decided to launch the Cinnarolls project to counter the difficult situation they live in.

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  • Greentech, a smart greenhouse in Bekaa

    Mar 15, 2023

    Joseph Wehbe, 23 years old, and Khalil Aakroush, 20 years old, are friends who come from the same village in the Bekaa, Ablah. Joseph is an IT graduate and Khalil is studying Electrical Engineering.

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  • BLOOM Educational Center

    Mar 15, 2023

    Hala Ali is twenty-two years old; she lives in Jabal Mohsen, Tripoli. She is in her fourth year studying Electrical Engineering at the Lebanese University. Hala lives with her family; she has three siblings: two sisters and a brother.

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  • Joelle’s journey with GIL, from Passion to Fashion

    Jan 29, 2021

    Joelle Hemmede is a young woman living with her parents and three sisters in Jabal Mehsen, North of Lebanon. Even though she is a third-year Translation student at the LIU, she is avid for Fashion Design and has a natural talent for sketching.

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