Thanks to the Adopt-A-School project, funded by MBC Al-Amal, INJAZ Lebanon delivered a range of work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy programs to 751 students across four selected public schools in Lebanon.

In consultation with the Ministry of Education, four public schools have been selected across Beirut and North Lebanon to be part of our newly launched Adopt-A-School project. Through the project , three of these selected schools were also equipped with computer labs in Mount Lebanon, Akkar and Tripoli. While, the fourth school, in Sebeel - Zgharta, underwent some renovation work to enlarge one of its classrooms so to fit more students. The selected schools in the different regions were: 

-      Sin El Fil Public School in Mount Lebanon;

-      Miniara Public High School in Akkar in the North;

-      Andre Nahas Public School in Tripoli in the North; and,

-      Sebeel Public High School in Sebeel, Zhgharta, also in the North.

A big thank you to MBC Al-Amal for providing our school with laptops and setting up our computer lab which was a crucial need for our establishment. This era is all about technology, and now every student will be able to work on a separate computer which will help him to do his online research, work on his projects and be in contact with the world."  

Sanaa Khoury, School Principle, Sin El Fil Public School.

During the Fall 2016 semester, INJAZ Lebanon took a first step in implementing INJAZ curricula through delivering the It’s My Business program, reaching out to a total of 61 students. The continuation of Adopt-A-School is expected to reach a total of 700 children and youth by delivering other INJAZ programs including Entrepreneur Master Class and Personal Economics and by carrying out renovation and setup work of the computer labs. Our sincerest thanks go to MBC Al-Amal for their fundamental role as sponsor. Indeed, Adopt-A-School project helped spread hope in the assigned schools.   

INJAZ Lebanon program taught us how to plan for our future financially, how to achieve what we want and be responsible for it. I’m now more aware of what I want to be when I grow up. I really liked the program. Thank you INJAZ.”

Andrew Gerges, Student in Sin El Fil Public School, Participated in Personal Economics.