Are you a high-school or university student looking for an exciting program that'll challenge you, equip you with essential skills, AND offer you cash prizes?

Look no further than the FinFit Championship! This innovative competition seamlessly blends the worlds of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, and holistic health to offer you a fun and engaging learning experience - plus, you'll earn a certificate to showcase your new skills!

With the FinFit Championship, you'll not only learn life skills necessary for your future success, but you'll also get the chance to engage in some fun challenging activities, meet other talented youth from Lebanon, and showcase your entrepreneurial spirit. This is your opportunity to embark on a new, fun, and rewarding journey, and emerge as a winner. So, what are you waiting for? Apply, compete, learn, and unveil your potential with the FinFit Championship!

Dive into the FinFit Championship and be among more than 15 winners to claim CASH PRIZES each in categories of $500, $300, and $200!

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School Track

Primarily designed for school teams, FinFit invites selected schools to introduce the program to their high-school classes. We'll be in touch with the chosen schools, allowing them to present the program to their high-school classes and providing students with the opportunity to participate as teams.

  • You will participate as teams.
  • If your school is selected, then the administration will reach out to you for more information.
  • You will only compete against other teams within the School track.

University Track

Are you a University student and want to undergo this exciting experience? We’ve opened a track especially for you! For this track, you can participate on an individual basis by applying on the form at the end of this page.

  • You will participate as an individual (not a team).
  • You will only compete against other participants within the UniversityTrack.
Apply for University Track

FINFIT Activities

Engage in various activities and workshops within the FinFit Championship program. Please note that the activities differ between the two tracks. Explore each activity by clicking on it for more details!

ICAMP (Phase 1 - February to April 2024)

As a participant, your journey with FinFit will start with an Innovation Camp (ICAMP), a 4-hour program during which you will be introduced to the concepts of Financial Literacy, Innovation, Problem-Solving, and Entrepreneurship. You will be working in groups to solve a challenge that will be announced to you during the day and then present your team idea to judges.

At the end of each ICAMP, the winning teams will be selected to move to the next FinFit activities that will lead to the competition and prizes!

  • School Track: An ICAMP will take place in person at each participating school in coordination with the administration.
  • University Track: You will participate in an ICAMPs that will take place online.

100 Girls Innovate (Phase 1 - March 2024)

In some of the schools, the ICAMPs will be replaced by 100 Girls Innovate - FinFit edition! It is similar to the ICAMP but themed around women's empowerment and the use of technology. This edition will be based on girls in the fields of business and finance.

  • This is only applicable to the School Track (not included in the Individual Track).
  • If your school is selected for the 100 Girls Innovate activity, then you won’t be participating in an ICAMP.
  • Similar to the ICAMP, at the end of the 100 Girls Innovate, the winning teams will be selected to move to the next FinFit activities that will lead to the competition and prizes!

Pre-Competition: Short program & Fun Challenges! (Phase 2 - April to May 2024)

Selected participants will engage in an online entrepreneurship course featuring a mix of enjoyable activities, quizzes, and online challenges that will revolve around financial literacy, well-being, and physical health!

This course will be taken on the INJAZ Campus website on this link:

You will be provided with a username and password to log in and start!

FinFit Competition & Prizes (Phase 3 - End of May 2024)

Based on the challenges and assessment results of previous phases, the selected students will get the chance to participate in the final competition and get the chance to win multiple cash prizes!

  • The event will be taking place in person.
  • Each track will be competing separately.
  • More details will be shared with you at a later stage.


Are you a school representative or teacher and want to involve your school in the School Track? Send an email to

Are you a high-school student and want to involve your school and participate as a team in the School Track? Click here to fill out this interest form. Please note that filling out this form does NOT guarantee your school’s participation.

Are you a University student and want to participate in the University Track? Fill out the form below!