Bryan Youssef - When ambition fuels your desire to succeed!

2 MIN READ - Meet Bryan Youssef, an INJAZ Lebanon alumnus and participant of Innovation Camp. This active and super ambitious 20-year-old is a third-year medical student at Université Saint Joseph.


He’s avid for extra-curricular activities and is on a constant search to enhance his skills and learn new ones by participating in different programs and competitions such as the Innovation Camp (ICAMP) sponsored by Citi Foundation, among many others!

"I think taking part in valuable programs will help me stand out amongst my peers. The job market is a competitive place to be, and I continuously aim to better myself, especially during the pandemic, which left us inactive by staying at home but also gave us more time to work better on ourselves!” said Bryan.

“It will help me boost my CV and catch people’s eye long before becoming an accomplished doctor.” He also participated in the 2071 Health Tech Dubai competition, where he scored along with his team, the second winning spot.

Bryan first heard about the ICAMP at his university. “I decided to contact INJAZ Lebanon through their Instagram page in order to fill an application. The program was about to kick off the next day, and I was so excited to be able to enroll on such short notice,” said Bryan. The ICAMP program is based on teamwork; it helps youth connect online and work together to build their entrepreneurship skills. The pandemic’s worst repercussions were loneliness and lack of purpose. With such programs, Lebanese youth created a glimmer of hope for themselves and others.

“Our ICAMP challenge was about helping a Lebanese company compensate for its pandemic-induced financial loss by offering practical solutions for long-term, sustainable economic development. For that purpose, we’ve chosen the educational platform ‘Synkers’ and came up with the ‘InnoVRate’ idea, which was inspired by our love of innovation and Virtual Reality technology.”

Participating in the ICAMP was an excellent experience for Bryan in many ways, especially on the networking, communication, and teamwork levels.

Each of us had a special skill that helped us split the task and roles among us whether it’s about coming up with the business idea, doing the pitching, the research, and so on. Being honest with each other and acknowledging each other’s strengths played a major role in our success,” said Bryan.

Their team’s suggestion was to offer a new learning experience to students through virtual reality technology, which will allow the creation of a simulated three-dimensional learning environment for students and teachers, and thus, enriching the traditional online learning. This has deeply inspired Bryan to push forward with this idea beyond the ICAMP and launch his own startup.

“After our successful experience with ICAMP, I got in contact again with three of my InnoVRate’s team members, and we registered a startup named Edubolt.” Edubolt is an e-learning startup focused on ed-tech, with the ambition to create an excellent learning experience through personalization and innovation.




“We’re approaching different donors like the USAID in order to support our project. Artificial Intelligence is the future, and we aim to introduce Virtual Reality technology and purchase goggles to as many Lebanese schools as possible and create a better learning experience for all students.” Bryan is also collaborating with his university to bring in the VR technology to medical students.

“I’d like to thank INJAZ for their precious help and support throughout my journey. For me, Entrepreneurship is a mindset. No matter what you are studying, there’s always a way to shine and apply your innovation and entrepreneurship skills. And INJAZ is playing a huge role in empowering Lebanese youth through such programs, thank you!” he concluded.



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