Winter is Coming; Light Up the Cartoontech

Winter is coming, and so is the heating bill. As Lebanon crumbles into a failed economy, the average household income remains incapable of handling the high cost of heating during the winter months.

As such, parents feel devastated when hearing their children’s teeth chattering and seeing their hands turn blue with cold. With the high cost of living and the minimal income, heating up becomes a luxury. In these turbulent and chilly times, we’re in need of a sustainable, affordable solution.  


Well, let’s spotlight the solution. Meet Cartoontech, a groundbreaking initiative that aims to help families who cannot afford traditional heating methods by providing flammable blocks that resemble those of wood. This team of 3 comes from Akkar and is made up of sisters Amar and Simar Chimali, and Ahmad Issa. Amar is a law and humanitarian sciences major while Simar is a biologist. Ahmad is a farmer whose hands have planted seeds of hope through a heartwarming plea to keep the bitter cold away from families who can’t afford to do so using the old-school method with wood and gas.


The Cartoontech team had an idea, but they needed to put it to the test; that’s why they joined IdeaLab. This program is run by INJAZ Lebanon in the North, in partnership with Berytech and co-funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands under the ACT Smart Innovation Hub, a comprehensive initiative launched by Berytech to enable the Lebanese entrepreneurial ecosystem and stimulate innovation and startup creation in the agriculture, food, and clean technology sectors.

Cartoontech’s product, as the name suggests, is made up entirely of recycled, combustible cartons. Cartoontech isn’t just a product, but a solution for the growing deforestation problem Lebanon is facing. To meet with the rising demand of the heating market, companies have resolved to chop down as many trees as possible to convert them to flammable wood logs which can be used for keeping families warm during the Winter months. However, this mass destruction of natural resources has left Lebanon on the brink of desertification and, with the lack of greenery, a breeding ground for unbearably high temperatures. If we were to continue opting for traditional heating methods, Lebanon would no sooner lose its notion for having a merry weather and a pleasant summer. Yet, Cartoontech is fighting its way towards changing this reality and adding a touch of eco-consciousness to every household.


As of now, Cartoontech is searching for a warehouse to store all their carton logs. They hope that by finding one, they’ll be able to produce more and expand their business even further. INJAZ Lebanon wishes them the best of luck in their journey towards a greener Earth!


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