MBC Al-Amal keeps on spreading Hope in Lebanon!

Nov 10, 2017

It brought great joy to MBC Al-Amal and INJAZ Lebanon to welcome students to their renovated classrooms in Sebhel Public High School in Zhgharta and to their newly-equipped computer lab in Miniara Public High School in Akkar thanks to the Adopt-A-School project!

The inauguration took place on October 12, 2017 in the presence of Ms. Dolly Chammas, Head of the Department for Private Primary Education at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon; Ms. Mariam Farag, Head of CSR at MBC Group; Ms. Amina Aktouf, Senior CSR Executive at MBC Group; and Mr. Tamer Zumot, Grants and Projects Manager at INJAZ Al-Arab who officially opened the classes and met with the school principals and students.

Through the Adopt-A-School project, funded by MBC Al-Amal, INJAZ Lebanon delivered a range of work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy programs to 751 students across four selected public schools in Lebanon; Sin El Fil Public School in Mount Lebanon; Miniara Public High School in Akkar in the North; Andre Nahas Public School in Tripoli in the North; and Sebhel Public High School in Zhgharta, also in the North.

A big thank you to MBC Al-Amal for their generous support in sponsoring this project that offered students the necessary skills and tools they need to better plan their future and to better access technology and information.

After participating in INJAZ Lebanon's program, I realized my true potentials and capabilities in developing an idea that can enhance my work in the future… I was also taught how to come up with a big solution that can serve my community, all out of the simplest and the smallest of ideas and resources."

Jad Saad, Student in Sin El Fil Public School who Participated in Entrepreneurship Master Class program.


Unfortunately, our school premises were old and outdated, at the time our students were in need of premises that meet today's advancements and developments. In fact, few were those who ever support public schools. Here I want to thank INJAZ Lebanon and MBC Al-Amal for giving us hope and support we never dreamed of or received.”

Nadia Abi Nehme, School Principal of Assaad Sebeel Public High School.



*Photos from Miniara Public High School in Akkar and Andre Nahas Public School in Tripoli. 


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