Al Rawda Establishment for Agricultural Preparatory Work

Nov 29, 2017

This week, as part of our Generation of Innovation Leaders - GIL coverage, allow us to take you on a trip all the way to the North to meet Ali Kanjo.

Originating from a family that connected with the land and agriculture for generations, the 22 year old TS2 Informatics student from Hisah - Halba, found himself indulging in the activities of his surrounding and naturally, helping his family in their land. With each passing season, Ali realized that all farmers face a common problem at the beginning and at the end of every agricultural cycle; the problem of chopping off weeds that compete with their crops over essential nutrients. A problem that ends up requiring a lot of time and backbreaking efforts to manage. 

Building on his passion for agriculture, his experience in the field, and on his community's need, Ali joined INJAZ Lebanon's GIL entrepreneurship training and pitched his idea of Al Rawda Establishment for Agricultural Preparatory Work. Ali succeeded in projecting his project’s social impact, innovation, and sustainability to our judges and eventually got his project incubated with one of our coaches. 

Ali is climbing the ladder of success one step at a time. To launch his establishment, Ali bought a tilling attachment for his tractor as the very first step to help the farmers with the upcoming season. More is on Ali’s to-do list to bring his establishment to success and to help impact his society. 

All thanks go here to UNICEF Lebanon and for the Government of the Netherlands in Lebanon that support and fund the GIL project, respectively.

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