Global Money Week with Fransabank

Apr 19, 2018

As a culmination to Global Money Week, INJAZ Lebanon partnered with Fransabank Group, our Program Sponsor, to run an Innovation Camp (ICAMP) on March 17th, at Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth (USJ).

The camp provided USJ students the opportunity to participate in exciting activities to better understand the business world. They gathered and worked in groups with the help of Fransabank volunteers, who mentored them to identify a problem in their community and find an innovative business solution to address it.

Participants initially learned some pillars to innovative thinking and problem-solving and had to employ their learning to address their chosen problem. The day ended with a small competition, where their business ideas were pitched in front of the judging panel that included, Mr. Philippe Hajj, Head of Retail Banking Division at Fransabank; Dr. Edmond Chidiac, Career and Placement Office Manager at USJ and Ms. Samar Dani, Executive Director of INJAZ Lebanon.

Congratulations to the winning team, Sparrow, whose members were offered a Job Shadow day at Fransabank! The team came up with an online social platform that links high school students aged 16-20 with experienced professionals. The platform is intended to offer students career advice and orientation so as to help them choose the right major to pursue at university.

The Global Money Week was not only celebrated through this ICAMP, but INJAZ also took part in the Ministry of Social Affairs’ initiative (MOSA) by delivering the Entrepreneurship Master Class to Grade 11 students from 8 public schools across Beirut, Bekaa, the North, and the South and implementing 12 classes of the More Than Money program sponsored by Bank Audi and delivered by their employees.

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