Steps to Success makes its way to the Lebanese University students!

Reaffirming its commitment to connect the youth of Lebanon to the workplace and prepare them for a better future, around 400 students from the Lebanese University (LU) were chosen to take part in the ‘Steps To Success’ project

Reaffirming its commitment to connect the youth of Lebanon to the workplace and prepare them for a better future, a total of400 students from the Lebanese University (LU) were chosen out of more than double the applicants to take part in ‘Steps To Success’, a project funded by the US government with the support of the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). During the two-year project, students will benefit from several trainings on workforce readiness, business ethics, financial literacy and other programs aimed at helping the students increase their chances of securing internships and jobs upon graduation.

Twenty-one classes have been held so far since sessions started in late January of this year, in eight LU faculties across Beirut, Mount Lebanon, the North, and the South.

Two programs are delivered during the first year: Head Start provides students with academic and practical learning sessions in work-readiness education and career perspectives. It covers resume writing, the science and art of interviewing, and an introduction to internships The Personal Finance program teaches students the fundamental elements of smart personal finances and how to set goals for lifelong financial needs. It focuses on earning and spending money wisely through budgeting, saving and investing, on credits usage and on protecting one’s personal finances. After having participated in both these program, a total of 120 students will be selected on a competitive basis to receive internship opportunities at leading companies in Lebanon during this summer.

These programs are being delivered by professional volunteers, experienced in Human Resources (HR) and in Finance from different partners including AC Holding, Banque Libano Francaise (BLF), IPT Power Tech, Jubaili Bros, and Metlife, along with other independent HR and Finance consultants.


First and foremost, I’d really like to thank you for giving me this valuable opportunity; where I was able to demonstrate my professional and educational experience in an attempt to assist the youth. Obviously, INJAZ Lebanon seems to have prepared them well as they were interactive, enthusiastic, and willing to learn. I look forward to contributing again, whenever possible. On a personal level, this experience has helped me unleash training potential which is also essential to my HR career"

Dima Ghazleh, HR Recruitment Officer at Jubaili Bros, INJAZ Volunteer.


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