It is definitely More Than Money with Bank Audi

What is money? Through the sponsorship of Bank Audi, INJAZ Lebanon's More Than Money program was delivered to 371 students aged 11-12  from various public schools.

Thanks to the sponsorship from Bank Audi, INJAZ Lebanon's More Than Money program was delivered to 419 Grade 6 students who learned about earning money through performed jobs or businesses, about spending, sharing and tracking their financial gains and losses through interactive games and fun activities.

Bank Audi and INJAZ Lebanon also took part in the Global Money Week activities, from March 12 to 18, by delivering 12 classes of the More than Money program to 6 public schools across Beirut, Mount Lebanon, and the South.

Participating schools throughout the whole program included:
- Achrafieh Public Middle School in Beirut,
- Antelias Public School, Chiyah Second Middle School for Girls, Jal el Dib Public Middle School, Zkak el Blat Public School, and Haret Sakher Public Middle School in Mount Lebanon,
- Al Hayat Public School, and Al Nour public school for girls in the North,
- and Martyr Maarouf Saad public school, Eslah Mixed public school and Masaken Chabya public school in the South.

More sessions are being held with a total target of 450 students to be reached by the end of this academic year. We are very grateful to all the Bank Audi employees and to the holders of the Spring Accounts who volunteered to deliver this program and for the generous engagement and support of Bank Audi.


I enjoyed taking More than Money Program with INJAZ Lebanon since it taught me how to be a smart customer, how to save and spend money. I liked the interaction between us and the volunteers and I would love to do it again."

Ziad Orabi, Martyr Maarouf Saad Middle School, INJAZ Student


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